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On January 6, 2015 the Freedom to Marry took effect Statewide in Florida

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Things to Consider Before or Right after Marriage


Getting A Marriage License:
Marriage licenses in Florida are issued by the County Clerk of Court:

Waiting Period:
If either partners is a Florida resident, there is a 3 day delay in the effective date of the marriage license, unless the Florida resident completes a premarital course by a provider who is registered with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.


​If you would like a Domestic Partnership instead of being legally married:

​Cities and Counties within the United States which offer Domestic Partnerships

Domestic Partner benefits have been introduced in certain Counties and Cities within the State of Florida.

These locations may offer rights and benefits to persons living there as domestic partners.

Couples must file a domestic partner declaration in these locations in order to qualify, and the benefits are only valid within that jurisdiction